Tahigami Music

Tahigami Music System

By Datu Arellano

4th Revision (current) - September 2017

– A work in progress, always. –


The Tahigami Music System (TMS) was, initially, a music creation system I invented for myself. Recent developments have pushed me to share it with the public. This handbook (both print and online version) serves as a guide for anyone who wishes to generate music with the system, as well as for the curious who simply want to understand how it works.

TMS is a visually-driven and procedural system of creating musical compositions. The system includes the creation, notation, and performance of music.

The TMS notation does not intend to be a replacement for the traditional/standard Western music notation and its alternatives.

TMS and the music produced with it are extensions of the aesthetics, process, and philosophy of Tahigami (my method of geometric, freehand stitching on paper and its variants). Thus, the visual aspect will never be separate from the musical.

Tahigami process

The idea for Tahigami Music came to me in a dream. Not exactly a deep dream state, but it came to me somewhere in the middle of sleep and wakefulness – that moment where you know you want to wake up and you know you are still sleeping. I found a solution within that space and time. Right there the seed of an idea appeared, "What if I drew Tahigami on a music staff?" I woke up with this simple idea in my head and began working.... I long for these moments.

written in my Tahigami Music notebook, April of 2014

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